The Little Distillery… about my first culinary stop of the road trip


The „Kleine Destillerie“ (engl. Little Distillery) was my first culinary stop within my journey and I have to say, that I am really happy that I’ve chosen this one. Karin, who is the owner of the distillery, was not just the perfect person to start my culinary journey because of the little breakfast she had prepared but the friendliness and openness facing a total stranger like me. She opened the door and beamed at me which was a total relief. To be fair, I was a bit afraid of my own concept visiting other people and asking loads of questions about their business. But Karin and myself talked like old friends and I felt the same vibes I call my own. After a cup of tea and a small breakkie I knew many more details about the process of distilling, the legal background and the difference between an oak and a mulberry barrel. I never knew that even the kind of water makes a massive difference to the product, do you? Thats why Karin made a huge effort to find the perfect water with it’s perfect specification. It’s origin is from the region as of all the other products she is processing like fruits, wheat or even the barrels. Many of her barrels are recycled from vineyards and were used in the past to storage wine which is popular for the region. That fact and all the little lovely details totally convinced myself of this special place. Little details like the design of the products, the fairy garden and the amazing view over wine hills as well as the distillery itself and the little bakery next to it. It is just a perfect concept giving proof of love and passion for the product itself.

I really enjoyed that sunny morning and want to thank Karin for the warm welcome and the interesting chat we had.


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