A little question and answer session

After the release of the YouTube video with the lovely Katja from Love.Peace.Om I received so many messages! I also got a lot of questions about the van conversion, which I have summarized in this blog post and of course answered!

  • How much did you spend on the conversion and the vehicle?

This was probably the most frequent question I was asked.

I bought Spencer for just under €13,000. Year of construction 2013, mileage was 120.000 km, new service and MOT. He has been in a super condition and was previously used by an assembly company.

I paid the same amount for the conversion as I did for the car. So I spent a total of 26.000 €. Since Spencer is my home and I don’t have any other apartment, I hardly missed anything. The equipment is very high quality and the main cost units were the heating system, the refrigerator with freezer, the five windows, the oven, the solar system, new tires and additional batteries. Spencer is also relatively long and high (L3H3), so that comparatively many materials already flowed into the insulation and cladding.

  • What are the measurements of your van?

Spencer measures 7 meters in length and almost 3 meters in height and is therefore a L3H3.

  • Why did you choose this particular model?

I decided on this vehicle size because I wanted to be able to stand in my rolling home. Therefore, no bus came into question for me. I also wanted the luxury of a separate toilet and a longitudinal bed. That alone measures 2.80cm length. In addition there was a small kitchen unit, so that I had a total of 4m of loading space as a requirement.

I chose VW because I have always driven vehicles from this manufacturer. They were always reliable. Also, I was assured of the reliability of VW compared to other manufacturers by friends who are frequent drivers / mechanics.

  • Do you find it difficult to drive such a big van?

At the beginning I also had my doubts, but from today’s point of view I consider them to be unfounded. The longer wheelbase of 4.25m takes some getting used to, so that one cannot drive around every narrow curve without being able to swing out sufficiently. However, one gets used to it quickly.

The height never has been a problem.

And the total length of the van made no difference to me to e.g. an L2 or L1. Parking spaces are similarly difficult to find, but I rarely stayed in big cities, so this was no problem either.

  • What is the total weight of the van?

Empty Spencer weighed 2.7 tons. Added to this was a weight of approx. 500kg due to the expansion. Fully loaded and with full tanks we weigh 3.4 tons accordingly.

  • Where will your cookbook be available?

The German cookbook will be available from 01.08.2020 via Amazon, Kindle, stationary bookstores and of course the publisher (www.wnj-verlag.de).

The English version will follow soon!

  • Which model for the stove etc. did you use?

Feel free to have a look at the blog posts with the focus on the expansion of the individual areas – for example the kitchen. There you can also find links to all the products I have installed.

Here once again the link to the great video of Katja (in German)!


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