Snack: Orange-Carpaccio with dark chocolate

This time an easy-going dessert with the perfect combination of fruits and chocolate! Add bit of salt and oil to underline the different tastes and gain an amazing dessert made of just a few ingredients within minutes!

Shopping List

2 fresh oranges

25g dark chocolate

4 TBSP mild olive oil

2 pinches of salt flakes (alternative: normal fine salt)


  1. Cut the peel of the orange from the top to the bottom and remove the fruit skin with it. There shall be just the fruit flesh left. Cut the orange into 1 cm thick slices in a vertical way (check pictures). Arrange it on a plate like a carpaccio.
  2. Spread some drops of mild olive oil above it and add the pinches of salt.
  3. Grate the chocolate above the oranges.

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