About cleaning yourself from the inside

In my eyes nutrition is key to our inner balance, to our health and our well-being. As soon as we don’t eat in a healthy or balanced way we don’t feel good, might feel powerless or even unhappy. This might have many reasons from a food perspective. Some of us are allergic to ingredients (and don’t even know that), others don’t consider some basics about healthy nutrition or don’t listen to their own body. Usually our body tells us when something is not ok. We just need to find out then, what to change. In any case some detoxing helps – I am convinced about that!

Once a year since a long time I am detoxing my body and cleaning myself from the inside. Might sound weird but I am sure it’s true and that it’s a good thing. I guess everyone already heard about „Detox“ which basically means to eliminate harmful toxins from your body, to free especially your liver from toxic substances and furthermore to create a balanced milieu within your digestion system. People are used to eat a lot of food with an acidic milieu (pH of 0 – <7) which causes an even higher acidity level within their digestion system which isn’t natural at all. That causes an imbalance of the digestion system and furthermore digestive disorders, powerlessness and general discomfort. On top of that medical reports show that an excessive acidic nutrition causes diseases including arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, gout and eczema.

To be fair there are many different theories about a healthy way of living and to consider them all would be impossible. But this one convinced me hence I am doing a detox-session every year for five years now and it totally works. How do I know that? Well, on the one hand I simply feel better – I don’t have any troubles with my digestion at all. On the other hand my body tells me that something is clearly different and eliminates everything bad, which means I always have a proper headache the second day and start sweating a lot on the fourth. Sorry if that’s somehow disturbing for some of you – but its simply the truth and proves that detoxing is actually doing something good with your body. After those days I always feel liberated, empowered and in balance – I have no problems with my health at all. And that encourages me every year to detox for a while again.

So how does „Detoxing“ works? In order to improve your pH-milieu it’s helpful to detox your health system by avoiding any acidity or acid forming food. That means that food which is alkaline in nature might form acidic milieus in our digestion and the other way around. Avoiding those means to stop smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee or alcohol as well as the avoidance of acidic food like sugar, grains and animal protein. That means during the detoxication food just like fruits, vegetables, nuts, water and herbal teas are allowed. Many detox treatments or plans recommend only to drink juices and smoothies. I tried those as well but I decided to go for fruits and vegetables in any form because it’s one thing to give up dairy, meat and a lot of other stuff but it’s the other thing to stop chewing at all! It made me sick just to drink my daily ration of food and in the end such a treatment shouldn’t be a torture. But everyone needs to decide that on his or her own. 

So for five days I am just eating what a vegan would eat (more or less). I start with some smoothies in the morning containing almond milk and fresh fruits. Over the day I am eating fruit salads, carrot sticks or some nuts. In the evening I often eat baked potatoes with avocado or some mushrooms (fried in a bit of olive oil). I became quite creative with my nutrition and fruits or vegetables I haven’t noticed before suddenly have been in my shopping basket.

So this time was the first time of detoxing whilst being on „vacation“ and it was much easier. Because you can allow yourself to relax and stop doing whatever you are doing when you are feeling a bit powerless as every change in nutrition exhausts first. It might also be that you feel tired or cold, which is totally normal. So I would actually recommend to do such a session during some days off. It’s also great to do some daily yoga or have some long walks in order to help your health improving itself. After the second day I didn’t even thought about detoxing any more. I was pretty fine with eating like a monkey. And finally – I am feeling better!

Generally speaking it’s important to consider a balanced way of eating anyway regarding acidic and alkaline forming food. So it is important to reduce acidic food on your daily menu in general. Try to implement a alkaline dish per day (smoothie in the morning or salad for lunch etc.) or invent a detox day per month. Every change is worth it and especially every thought you are spending about your nutrition at all rewards! 



  1. Alessandra
    29. August 2019 / 9:05 pm

    Hallo Ein mega toller und interessanter Beitrag. Ich möchte das sehr gerne selber mal ausprobieren. Benutzt du denn Salatsauce und/oder Salz für das Gemüse und die Salate?
    Magst du vielleicht mal ein paar Derox-Rezepte teilen?
    Danke dir für die Inspiration.
    Liebe Grüsse, Alessandra

    • thevantaste
      30. August 2019 / 3:37 pm

      Hi Alessandra,

      gern verfasse ich einen weiteren Beitrag mit ein paar Rezeptideen.
      Prinzipiell darf Olivenöl und etwas Salz sowie Honig verwendet werden (alles in Maßen damit man auch Mineralstoffe etc. zu sich nimmt). Aber ich denke damit kann man schon viel erreichen. Es freut mich, wenn ich dich begeistern konnte 🙂

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