About handmade spirits and beers of passion

Due to the current situation I spent a lot of time in the north of Germany and thus in my home country. After some time, the thought occurred to me that I was not so familiar with the culinary aspects of this area and that I could continue my culinary journey here as well.

Rather by chance I found out about a small brewery called “Hoppen un molt” in Warnemünde near Rostock, which is run by Sylvie and Henry.

Their shop and the micro-brewery are located not far away in the beautiful city centre of Warnemünde. There I met Sylvie, who guided me through her story for the time being. So they developed slowly and tried to brew small amounts of beer in the local kitchen first. After the first successes were celebrated and initial problems were eliminated, they slowly increased the quantities and finally work with a 200l system today. They brew 7 different beers – from Pils, wheat, IPA to Stouts. Henry is always trying out new things! The beers can be bought in their shop and can also be enjoyed freshly tapped on site.

It is remarkable that all production steps are done by hand – even the labelling of every single bottle is done by hand!

More information is available at: https://www.hoppen-molt.de. Thanks to Sylvie for the wonderful time!

Through Henry I also learned about the “Men’s Hobby Distillery”, which is located directly at my home around the corner and has even won many international prizes with his spirits. Sometimes the good things are not that far away!

The “Men’s Hobby Distillery” was founded in 2014 by Martin and Torsten, as well as their two wives, with the premise of being able to live out their private passion for regional, high-quality and handmade products. They first created a homage to their home region – Kaland Kümmel. Distilled with caraway from neighbouring Brandenburg and refined with lemon and aniseed – unique and the perfect North German “dessert”. This spirit was followed by liqueurs, spirits and above all the FOERSTER`S Heide Gin. With the latter they won many prizes.

The main ingredient is the coastal fir, which was discovered by the founders during a winter hike. The needles of this fir have an intense smell of grapefruit when you rub them with your fingers – they wanted to bring this special play of aromas to their gin. The needles are always harvested fresh from the “Rostocker Heide”, just like all other ingredients for their spirits almost all come from the region.

When I tried the gin I was absolutely surprised by its freshness and could not only smell but also taste the aromas of the previously grated coastal fir. Very exciting and a great work, which the founders created there. Thank you dear Jule for your time and the guided tour! (More at www.maennerhobby.eu).


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