The van taste takes you on a journey to try the flavour of travelling around in your cozy home on wheels, conquering the world and exploring hidden places and new tastes. It is an exciting mixture of incomparable freedom, unknown adventures and unforgettable memories paired with various impressions of different countries. During this trip you will not just discover the various landscape, exciting architecture and individual people but also come across a lot of culinary experiences – interesting spices, country specific food and actually different ways to cook. Exploring local markets, trying different tastes and preparing and enjoying various products afterwards bring the world together and create an atmosphere of joy and peace. It’s an exciting journey where you never know what comes next. 

“The Van Taste” catches that flavour and explores different regions, local farmers and producers, various spices and ingredients as well as the way of cooking and brings it into your little van kitchen. Simple but refined meals will let you discover the taste of every country and vanlife itself. “The Van Taste” gathers brilliant recipes where you don’t need much space or many tools to create dishes everyone enjoys. Simply fresh and local products are key to create a colourful range of meals and to live a conscious attitude towards nature and the products we consume. 

And if you are at the very beginning of your own vanlife you will find some good advice to build a van kitchen that fulfills (almost) very need.

Let’s pack and start our road trip through the culinary world!