The thing about food… A conscious way of living


Everyone has a philosophy about food or at least a certain attitude towards it. The difference is whether you are actually thinking about the food you eat or whether its more an unconscious consuming of random stuff. Of course there are various forms in between and every human has his or her own truth about nutrition.

I am definitely not going to judge anyone because of the way they spend their life. Nutrition is a very individual and personal topic. It’s not just because of preferences, personal or cultural rejections or even allergies. It’s more about your daily life, your social habits and your own resolutions. It’s your attitude towards preparing food, it’s origin and taste. It’s about your lifestyle and attitude towards your own health and fitness.

It’s also the way you grew up and what your mom (but hey – dad’s are cooking, too) filled the plates with. It’s the country you spend life as a child in and where you are spending life right now. It’s also your education and whether food is a common topic within your family or your friends. Some people might say that nutrition also depends on the level of salary you have (I strongly have to disagree but will explain later on). It’s about your daily routine and the time that’s left for preparing food and eating itself. It’s also about your conviction, your religion and interest in food.

It was probably the first time you consciously reflected your nutrition when you moved into your own apartment and you had to fill your fridge by your own. You might have asked yourself: „What am I going to buy? What do I actually like?“… After you decided what’s gonna be in your shopping basket you probably realized for the first time what food is about to cost. It was either a positive or negative moment. To be honest – I was shocked about the cheapness of food. But to be fair – it fit my purse at that time and I didn’t think much more about it.

Although I started cooking by myself very early and made my first attempts for a three course menu in the age of 12 I haven’t really thought about the products I used. Of course I did fancy the mortadella that was smiling at me or the funny soup with noodles I can put a word together with. But on the other side I also enjoyed being outside and to take care about my own garden. First thing I did when my parents build a house was to lay out a border of vegetables. And it fascinates me till today when I am harvesting something out of my own garden. Out of a tiny seed, with some time, water and sun are growing various vegetables, fruits, herbs etc. It’s magic! Especially potatoes attracted me and digging those out of the ground filled me with joy (I can assure you there is nothing wrong with me – I just like potatoes and not just because I am German).

If you know what it takes to harvest a handful of potatoes you start to be more grateful. You actually start to think about the products offered in supermarkets in large quantities. You start to understand what it takes to offer such a large variety and that most of must be imported. And you start wondering about prices. I guess that have been the first steps consciously thinking about food. That was probably in the age of 21.

I finally recognized that food has a value and isn’t just a matter.

I started to spend my Saturday mornings on food markets full of local producers with tiny stalls. I loved to go there by bike and fill my basket with fresh products. It was and still is my way of meditation and switching the world off. Just walking around, smelling the air filled with various fragrances, watching those beautiful colors nature simply provides us, carrying the treasures home to prepare a decent meal. It feels like being connected to nature and the origin of life. I might sound crazy, but there is nothing more grounding and soothing than preparing delicious food. And it doesn’t end with the preparation – the main joy follows right after.

It’s about eating, smelling, tasting. 

Food got an experience.

So I started to pay more and more attention about the origin of the products I consume and stopped buying fabricated meals as well as so called „helpers“ for each and every sauce and dish. The more fabricated and processed the less natural is a product. Everything in form of powder just disgusts me like milk, eggs, whole cakes or soups. They seem so unnatural that those have to have a negative impact on our health.

The closer to nature the better.

And you know what? It’s not just about where the products are coming from or whether those have been processed. It’s rather about taste! Have you ever smelled and tasted a freshly picked tomato out of the garden (or from a local farmer)? Would you ever eat a colorless watery tomato from the supermarket grown somewhere in a Spanish green house again? The same with every sort of vegetable, fruit, bread, cheese, meat… the taste rewards you for buying products close to nature and close to your place of living!

Local products reward with taste. 

It also has an economical background of supporting local companies. You actually know where your money is spend for (in most cases). If you are interested in, you can even see where your carrots are growing or the cow is chewing it’s grass. It widens the horizon, especially for kids and builds a connection to food. It’s not just something offered in shelves of the supermarket.

To care about food means widening the horizon.

Eating meat is a very sensitive topic within the world of nutrition. I am brutally honest. I eat meat and I enjoy it. Nevertheless I do care about the quality of meat I eat and I do respect everyone who decides to be vegetarian or even vegan. Through my changing attitude towards food and after I watched a cruel documentary about the mass production of meat I reflected my way of consuming meat once again. I started looking for local producers where animals are treated well and live a life a cow or pig should live. I am fully aware that the animal is raised to be consumed and will be killed after it’s life. But I am also convinced that a human being is a meat eater (predator) by his nature and needs meat to have a healthy digestion and a well as well functioning metabolism, too. Through those values I decided for myself to reduce the consumption of meat as much as possible but not to give up.

Meat belongs to a healthy living.

If I am eating meat I know where it’s coming from. You think that’s impossible when you are going out, having dinner with friends or just wanna have a quick bite? Well, it’s not. I simply don’t eat meat when I am in a restaurant or at a barbecue with friends. There are so many alternatives and a great variety in vegetarian meals. Its not even difficult to be a „vegetarian on the road“. And fortunately the trend is developing towards a conscious consumption of food. The variety of restaurants with organic meals is massively increasing.

Good food doesn’t cause an empty wallet.

I have to confess that good food is more expensive in some way. Especially meat costs much more if you are deciding for a local grown duck for Christmas instead of the frozen one at a discounter. But that’s good! It has to hurt you (in a financial way) when you are consuming meat. That makes it special and you are thinking twice about having meaty dishes each and every day. Meat has to be special and should be enjoyed as much as possible to honor the animal that had to die. It sounds weird but that’s the way I am thinking about it. Even if you are thinking about our past as human beings – it wasn’t normal to catch a rabbit or whatever was eaten in the Stone Age daily. It was something special, too. And every piece of the animal was used and eaten. And that’s what we also should do. Respect the life of animals and think about how often and how much meat we eat. And by that your wallet will be protected. It isn’t more expensive in the end. Sure, also organic or regional vegetables / fruits are a bit more expensive. But if you are actually eating what you bought and wouldn’t throw half of it away it’ll cost the same – I promise.

All in all I call my way of food consumption a 

conscious way of consuming food.

And that’s all it is about and I want you to consider. To think about consciously of what you are eating. Not just for your own health…


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