About resolutions and how to approach them

Although it isn`t New Years Eve yet and even though I am not turning 30 (again) I am thinking about resolutions from now and then. And I am convinced that it’s even necessary to do so.

Thinking about resolutions has nothing to do with a certain occasion or an exact timeline. It’s an ongoing process of listening to yourself and adjusting your life goals. In my eyes resolutions are kind of small steps leading to your own direction of life. It’s about coming yourself and your own happiness a little closer each and every time possible.

Therefore it is essential to name resolutions and aims you would like to achieve. It starts with simple things like setting the alarm about 30 minutes earlier in the morning, to involve some rituals into your daily routine like reading the news or doing some yoga. And it ends with the accomplishment of life goals which require some more input. That might be a new degree you want to study for, a new hobby you wanna learn or another language you want to be able to speak.

But resolutions shouldn’t be created to set yourself under a higher pressure or to let you force something you don’t really want. Therefore it’s necessary to listen just to yourself. It’s not about something superficial like a status symbol or a number your bank account or weigh might display. It’s nothing about what the surroundings are supposing you to do. It’s about inner desires and building a way towards the fulfillment of those by setting up resolutions.

I thought a lot about things I would like to achieve within the next year of my life before I started taking that break. It took some time to formulate some clear ideas and to break down actions I might have to do today in order to achieve those goals later on. First of all I wanted to enjoy that gap year as best as I can. Those opportunities don’t come along very often in life so I wanted to make sure that I fulfill as many dreams within that year as possible without setting me under a high pressure. So I decided to convert a van, to go on a culinary journey, to meet small manufactures and learn some crafts around food, to go on a long distance hike, to see whales or to learn playing guitar. Setting up a list doesn’t mean, for me, that I have to stick to it or that I might become somehow disappointed if I don’t achieve all of it. It’s more about giving thoughts and dreams a shape in order to make it more possible to realize them. And it is about giving it a try! Otherwise I might regret something later in my life or at least I might get the feeling that I didn’t use my time as best as I could.

In an even wider perspective I thought about the time after that gap year and asked myself what I could do today in order to have that life I want to have after traveling around. So I drew a bigger picture in my head and broke it into little pieces to identify to-do’s or resolutions I could already focus on today. This might sound over-controlled and well organized but in my opinion it’s worth it. You can dream big as long as you don’t just dream but also do something for it. Therefore I am convinced that it’s essential to face your own desires and wishes from now and then to adjust your current actions by formulating resolutions. The positive aspect about that isn’t just the certain satisfaction that comes with it but the happiness after finally fulfilling that resolution. It’s always great to achieve something no matter how small it is. And sometimes, as already mentioned, it’s just about giving it a try. 

So go for your dreams and break them down into certain resolutions! 🙂


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