New decoration hacks

Do you know that feeling when the decoration in your van or apartment just bores you and you simply want to change it fast and cheap?

After a year of travelling and living in my van, I wanted to make some changes as well. First of all I fixed a few things – for example the light in the bathroom didn’t work or the couch cover had a hole in it. After I fixed all that, I wanted to vary the decoration a bit. Most of the time I only change the cushion covers and although this has always had a great effect, this time it was not enough for me.

So I tried tying a macramé drape once and was thrilled with both the process itself and the result! It is now hanging in my van and makes it much more cozy.
Then I replaced the pictures in the frame. I even put the pen on it myself and with the help of lettering skills I painted a nice saying – “Let the adventure begin”.
Furthermore I screwed a pot made of basket on the back wall of my van and put a nice climbing plant in it.
Last but not least, the driver’s cab was also beautified and I had three cacti moved in. Furthermore I draped all the treasures of the journey (a few shells and stones) in the storage area of the passenger side.

All small things, but as I think – a great effect!
But have a look for yourself!

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