The thing about sustainability #2

How to include a sustainable lifestyle into the vankitchen.

There are many ways to save resources within the kitchen. First of all you should try to avoid the waste of energy, gas and water as much as possible. Therefore I gathered some advice to help you:

  • When you are doing the dishwashing consume eco-friendly soaps especially if you don‘t have a grey water tank and pour it into nature afterwards. Same with washing liquid, shampoo and body soap as well as cleaning liquids.
  • Always use a lid for your pots and pans (!) – it accelerates the heating process and therefore saves energy (up to 65%)
  • Use a size of pottery which suits the stove. It shouldn‘t be too small so that you are wasting energy. But it shouldn‘t be too big either as the dish would take much longer to heat up. In generel you should use the smallest pot possible.
  • Just use as much water as needed. Saves time and energy heating up. And it saves water as well.
  • Buy just as much food as you actually consume. By that you won‘t throw away any leftovers. Think about the ways of using the food before buying it otherwise you might end up throwing it away. A weekly planner might help.
  • Consume local products. You will reduce the CO2-Emissions by that as those don‘t need to be transported over long distances. You also support local businesses and will be rewarded with taste. That also means to cook more in a seasonal manner.
  • Reduce your consumption of meat as much as possible. That reduces CO2-emissions as well (the keeping of animals produces a lot of different emissions)
  • Try to avoid packaging and prefer buying food which isn‘t covered in plastic. That includes drinks as well. Rather consume glass bottles instead of plastic.
  • Always take shopping bags with you to avoid plastic bags
  • Although plastic utensils might be handy within the kitchen I recommend the usage of wooden utensils. I also prefer storage boxes made of glass instead of plastic. You are protecting nature and your own health as well!
  • Use reusable sponges and cloths
  • Avoid the usage of aluminium – or cling foil. I recommend the usage of bee wax.
  • Try to reduce the consumption of kitchen paper. I know it‘s handy within the van kitchen but it isn‘t eco-friendly at all.

I am sure there are a lot more ways existing to save the nature just within the kitchen area. These are just the ones I mainly recommend. They are easy to adopt and make a massive difference not just for our environment, but also for you and your purse.


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