Roomtour part 4: The bedroom

After showing you the living room, bathroom and my terrace I would like to present the bedroom. A very important place as it gives space to rest, to snuggle up and to enjoy breakfast in bed.

In the following I’ll share some details of the van build as well as decoration hacks for this cozy area.

My bedroom is my living room during the day. I simply have to pull out an extension underneath the couch. The couch is in an L-shape and measures 200 x 145 centimeters and has a spare measuring 100 x 70 centimeters. It is 50 centimeters high (without mattress). By pulling out the extension at the “leg” of the L-shape I therefore gain a bed with a size of 200x145cm.

The extension is made of a slatted frame which rests on the frame of the sofa at the right side and the wheel box on the left side. By that it’s fixed properly and easily carries any weight.

The mattress is made of cold foam and has three pieces. One piece is in the L-shape of the couch. The other two pieces have the identical size and fit perfectly in the remaining space when pulling out the extension. It therefore measures 200 x 145 cm in total and has a strength of 12 centimeters. You can easily cut a normal foam mattress into pieces by using a bread knife.

I covered the three pieces by sewing linen fabric into shape. All of them do have a zipper so that I can easily wash the covers when dirty.

I am also using a mattress topper made of a robust fabric to protect the mattress of rubbing against the wooden slatted frame.

During the day I store the bedding above the drivers cabin. Therefore I installed a second ceiling above the cabin which allows me to store two beddings including pillows. It’s accessible from the front and is covered by a curtain. Check out the video to see the transformation of the living room to the bedroom and vice versa:

For a cozy atmosphere and lots of comfort whilst sleeping I have lots of pillows and love to cover the bedding with conscious materials. The colors are mainly white to create a friendly and airy atmosphere inside the van. Check out the following decoration hacks:


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