Roomtour part 1 – My Living room

Hence we are all in an emergency state and have to stay home most of the time I thought by myself that I’d like to use the time to present my home on wheels in detail. Therefore I am presenting my living room within this post. Many of you might say that my van is just consisting of one single room but I have to say that it feels more like a three-room-apartment. So lets start with the first part of it!

My livingroom is located at the far end of my van and measures about 2 x 1,90m. I installed a built-in wardrobe over the full length of the right side. It has a depth of 35cm maximum and it puts the irregular shaped outer wall into a straight front. It contains loads of storage area for my personal belongings as clothes, books, technical stuff and bags. It even hides my laundry. I integrated three open shelves within the built-in Garderobe. Those are livening up the straight front. Two of those have an additional cross strut made of timber to keep things in place whilst driving. The third shelf is completely open and simply offers a work surface. It even has indirect lightening. I installed a cover made of cork at the back wall at each of them to create a pleasant indoor climate. I also made the grab handles by myself and used belt leather in the same color as the cork covers.

The seating area is located right next to the built-in wardrobe. It has an l-shape and covers the remaining area of the living room (2×1,45m). The sofa converts into a double bed simply by pulling out an additional slatted frame. The wooden frame is covered by a customized mattress containing three pieces. The first is in an l-shape such as the sofa. The second and third pard act like cushions during the day and fill the gap for the extended bed at night. It’s simple to make that by yourself by cutting a mattress (cold foam) following your individual measurements. I sewed the covers myself and used yard goods of linen.

Underneath the sofa I installed some drawers as well as additional storage area. It even contains my outdoor shower on the back which is feed by a 45liter tank and a boiler (6l) for hot water.

The open space at the end of the sofa offers a folding table made of a timber cross section.

Furthermore I installed a wall cabinet on the left side measuring 1 x 0,40 x 0,40m.

To integrate the blank backdoors in the design concept I attached some frames. I directly screwed those at the wooden covering of the wall. Besides that I decorated the back part with a cord and a lightening chain. Those create a pleasant climate and a lovely atmosphere in the evenings.

Have a look at the following section to find all the products I have used to decorate my living room. Feel free to shop those and to create your own cozy home (on wheels :))


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