About a fishing trip on the Lofoten

When thinking about Norway in combination with a culinary road trip you probably think about a fishing trip first. Well, I thought so, too and joining a professional fishing experience has been on the top of my bucket list. So I took part in a traditional fishing trip with „XXLofoten“ and enjoyed it a lot even though I didn’t catch a fish at all. 

It was a sunny Saturday morning with almost no wind and I was looking forward to the traditional fishing trip with a 102 year old ship named „Symra“. After all of us had put on a thermo suit and listened to the safety instructions our fishing trip was about to begin. We were starting from Svolvaer harbor on the famous Lofoten and were heading out to the islands laying in front of the small town searching for fishing grounds. I joined the captain in the cabin and he explained all the tools and maps he was using always paying attention to the echo sounder indicating fish swarms underneath the boat. After half an hour of drive we stopped and tried our luck. Therefore we let down the bait on our fishing rod to the ground and lifted it up a few meters so that the bait was swimming right over the bottom. After that we were just moving the baits up and down to imitate a small fish and to animate bigger fish to swallow it. The captain was always ringing a bell when it was time to let down our baits or when it was time to pull them up again in order to move to the next fishing ground. We fished in depths between 30 and 80 meters which meant a proper exercise pulling those baits up again. But it was fun! There is nothing more relaxing then being outside at the sea, listening to the seagulls and the creaking of the wooden ship, feeling the fresh sea breeze and smelling the salty air. It’s not just about catching fish but about enjoying nature. It’s soothing to pull the rod up and down and to watch the surface of the sea. We drove around for about 3 hours and tried different areas to catch some fish. In the end we had caught four fish called tusk, which are typical for the Norwegian sea. So it wasn’t a lucky day regarding the amount of fish we caught. But that didn’t matter. All of us enjoyed the fishing trip a lot. Torde, who was our guide for the trip, made the experience very lively. He explained a lot and helped wherever he could. He also came up with some stories about the area and how fishing belongs to the history of the Lofoten. There is even a statue at the end of the harbor of a „Fishermans wife“ waving goodbye to fishermen and observing the horizon for fishermen coming back home. Back in the days it has been a tough business being out at the sea. Most of the men died and left widows behind – thats why many years ago the average age of men was just about 30. So I guess the appearing statue of the fishermen’s wife has always been a relieve to see for the fishermen when they came back to the harbour after a long trip out at the sea. For us it wasn’t a relief at all, as it mean the end of our great experience. However, I had a fantastic time and I enjoyed spending the day at the sea. It was a great experience on a sunny Saturday morning and all of us left the ship in a good mood. Thanks for that!

 For more information check www.xxlofoten.no


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