Roomtour part 5: The kitchen

As a real foodie and also as an author of a cookbook the kitchen simply had to be the center piece within my van conversion. It’s a place were I can try out new recipes and invent delicious meals as well as enjoy the taste of vanlife. But what are the details of my van kitchen and how did I installed it?

My van measures 7 meters in total and offers about 4,25 meters length as a convertible area. Therefore the kitchenette has a length of 1,35m on the one side and 1,40m at the side of the sliding door.

I did the framing of the furniture myself. If I would have thought about pre-installed ones of a Swedish warehouse I probably would have taken those. But unfortunately I wasn’t that smart and build those myself, which is more taylormade but takes also much more time and effort. The biggest challenge has been to build those in balance so that the technical devices and the work top is balanced. Every single part of the kitchen had to be in balance for the work top not to wobble in the end. The only way to achieve that to measure everything twice and to work precisely… or simply to buy pre-installed carcasses.

The positive effect of building the furniture myself has been the taylormade measurements. Therefore my kitchen has three different depths to make the optimum usage of the space. As you can see in the pictures below one carcass is based on the depths of the bathroom wall and I reduced the depths of another one to gain a better walkway to the living area. All the other carcasses measure a depths of 0,5m.

The height of the kitchenette measures nearly one meter (work top).

The kitchenette at the side of the sliding door has a small carcass which offers space for the back-up gas bottle (5kg) which I carried with me when traveling abroad for a longer period. Otherwise I stored my backpack and other hiking utensils in it. Next to that carcass I installed the fridge (compressor, 80l) with a little cupboard above, which offers a lot of space for food. On the left of the fridge is installed the sink plus two tanks underneath it (fresh- and grey water). Each of them measures 15 liters. The sink itself has two parts – one to do the washing up and one as a drip area. That required two cut outs of the work top but rewards every time I use it. With the drip area I don’t have to store the wet dishes on the work top itself which is sensitive against moist. The drip-area is also convertible into a cutting board so the space comes in very handy.

I decided not to install a boiler for hot water as I have one installed at the back of the van (outdoor shower – roomtour part 2). In case of enormous dishes I simply take to water of the boiler or heat up a pot on the stove.

The stove itself is actually an oven with two hot plates (Dometic sunlight). The associated gas bottle is located on the left side of it. I placed the trash bin directly in front and installed a small drawer on top of it

Underneath the stove is enough space for two bigger drawers to store all the pots, pans, plates etc.

On the right side of the cooking area are two additional drawers for the cuttlery and all the other cooking equipment. Underneath those drawers is the area for the electrical stuff (batteries, converter etc.).

Above the stove I installed a window so that the dust and humidity can be derived outside. Furthermore I built in a rack to store stuff like storage jars, cutting boards and the Mokka pot.

The backwall has tiles which are installed with a flexible glue.

The whole kitchen offers sufficient space for all my belongings and for every occasion. For a better look and more storage space I furthermore attached some jars as well as a fruit net (wander.horizon) underneath the rack. I also fixed some herb pots and a little basket on the work top. I also attached a multifunctional board above the sink.

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